Solar Basics

Solar Applications

Benefits of Solar

  • Reduce Electricity Bill (Let the sun pay for your electricity bills)
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (Be socially responsible to the environment as a company)
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint (Less reliance on electricity produced from burning of coal and gas which produces pollution harmful to the environment)
  • Help Fight Climate Change (Offset carbon dioxide emission is equivalent to planting of trees

What is Solar System for me?

Finding the right Solar System could be great financial and environmental decision for your company.

Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions

Equipped with necessary and extensive experiences of solar technologies and engineering knowledge, Asherlight Energy offers innovative and cost effective solar energy solutions to suit the right application for our client’s project needs. From viability studies, design and project development, obtaining necessary permits, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), testing, monitoring and commissioning.

Solar Energy Solutions:

  • Grid-connected Solar Photovoltic (PV) Systems
  • Off-Grid Solar PV Systems
  • PV Diesel Hybrid Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Building PV (BIPV) Systems

Business Models for Clients

Direct purchase

  • Pay and own the solar system
  • Owner enjoys direct savings from the electricity bill

A PV system is sold directly to the end-user. The end user immediately becomes owner of the system.

Hire Purchase

  • Payment of solar system by monthly installments over a 3 to 5 years period
  • Owner enjoys direct savings from the electricity bill

The PV system is sold directly to the end-user, who enters into a credit arrangement with the PV dealer. Depending on the arrangements, the end-user immediately becomes the owner of the system, or becomes the owner when all payments are made.

Solar Leasing

  • Zero upfront cost for the Solar system installed
  • We sell you the clean energy produced over an agreed lease period
  • We maintain the system at no cost to you over the agreed lease period

Asherlight or Financing investor owns the system, and provides an energy service to the end-user, who pays a periodic fee (e.g., monthly) to owner of the system. The owner is however responsible for the maintenance of the system.